WebLab-Deusto development


This section covers documentation about how to work on the WebLab-Deusto development. If you want to develop a remote laboratory instead of working in the middle layers, go to the Remote laboratory development section.

Setting up the development environment

This section assumes that you have successfully used the steps refered in the Installation: further steps section.

Server side

When developing the server side, it is best to create a new environment on which WebLab-Deusto is not deployed. To do so, create a new virtualenv as explained in Installation, and install all the requirements, but do not run the python setup.py install command.

So as to deploy the testing database (required to pass the tests), you need to run the following in the weblab/server directory:

python develop.py --deploy-test-db --db-engine=mysql --db-create-db --db-ask-admin-passwd

Once you do this, you will be able to launch the server side tests, by running:

python develop.py

If you are developing and you think you want to do some static analysis of your code, run the following:

python develop.py --flakes

Finally, the develop.py script comes with many more options. Run the following to see them:

python develop.py --help

Sample environment


To be written, but you may go to the server/launch directory and find many testing deployments. The sample one is especially interesting, since whenever you make a change in the Python code, it is automatically restarted.


There are plenty of issues in the issue tracker at github. You may add new ones if you find things to change, but you may also take the existing ones an fix them by your own.

Take a look at Contribute to find other ways to contribute to the project.